Elena Siapouti, Secretary, 33 years old

My attendance at Literacenter Private Institute was not very long, but I have met Evie Nicolaou before and I knew she was an excellent teacher. All the adult students in my class, myself included, enjoyed the lessons and Evie was always very thorough and helped each and every one of us to enhance our knowledge in English language. Obtaining the IGCSE certificate was very important to me, since my English are in a very good level but I didn’t have any diploma to prove it. Having an English certification is essential nowadays and is never to late to achieve it.

Result: CAMBRIDGE IGCSE Speaking: A, Reading and Writing: B


Georgia Georgiou Administrative Officer, 28 years old

Modern institute with modern facilities for kids and adults!!! Teaching by well-trained teachers!! Wonderful environment between students and teachers!!



Alexandra Kavallieratou, Chemical Engineering student, 21 years old

During my attendance at Literacenter for 2 years I think the lessons were more than sufficient. I learned everything I needed, not to mention the friendly environment and the hardworking and qualified teachers. I wanted to have the IGCSE diploma for my CV and I am more than thankful to Literacenter for helping me achieve it and with such a good grade. I also think that as adults due to maTurity you learn more things.

Result:  CAMBRIDGE IGSCE Speaking: A, Reading and Writing: A


Margarita Panayotova, International Business student, 22 years old

My experience in Literacenter has been outstanding! My teacher was Evie Nicolaou and she is very professional, kind and friendly! I had a very limited time to complete the course in order to apply for my university on time but I knew from the very beginning that I was in good hands! The lessons were never stressful for me because Evie was so nice to me and the school facilities were great! She gave me relevant tips and her methods were appropriate for my situation. I am glad to be able to apply the knowledge I’ve learned in real life and I think that it is never too late for anything!

Result: IELTS 7.5/9


Evie Economidou, employee in a shipping company, 28 years old

Evie has gone above and beyond to support me. She taught me so much that I’ll use in the future. I thank her for getting me over the hurdles, having faith in my abilities, and having the skills to get me where I needed to go.



Anna Obrynba, Paralegal, 27 years old

When I first came to Literacenter my goal was to improve my verbal communication in English. Upon completion of the course, not only I improved my verbal communication and writing skills but also, I gained a lot of useful knowledge. Now I am able to communicate more freely and express my ideas on various topics in English. Also, the use of technology in a classroom enhance the quality of learning. Our teacher Evi was always extremely helpful, informative, patient and supportive, having an individual approach to each of her students. The location of the school is very convenient with a lot of available parking around and a little coffee shop where you can have a break. Nice, friendly environment, but most importantly professional and knowledgeable people.




“ I recommend this institute 100%, friendly and kind staff, ultra-modern technology providing the best experience for students and most importantly the prices are affordable for everyone! ”

Elena Dhmhtrioy

Elena Dhmhtrioy

“ Private institutes must have the best teachers and the Literacenter has the best. Thanks for all ”


Georgia Paliogianni

“ Remarkable tutorial from the best in Limassol for both young children and adults. From personal experience it helped me a lot in my workplace with their patience and their will to teach you!!!!!”


Vasileios Gkaras

“ Excellent environment that helps students stay focused. All teachers / associates are properly prepared to spread knowledge to students. And always smiling!! ”