The PICARO method (Cambridge) for Junior level (Children aged 5-6)

Welcome to the world of Picaro!

The future of education is here! The revolutionary method of Picaro, which is suitable for pre-schoolers, has been established in cooperation with Cambridge English Language Assessment. Children have the opportunity to discover a whole new world of knowledge and learning, based on the excellent criteria of Cambridge.

How does Picaro work?

Students combine the traditional, book-based method of learning with more modern tools – that is their tablets. As a result, they create the classroom of the future.

Books: Children use their books, which include a variety of activities. Every book unit comes with a set of corresponding online games which are available for download on the students’ tablets. Books and technology are gracefully combined in order to reach the goal of learning the English language.

Tablet: The Picaro method offers online games with impressive graphics and audio-visual stimuli. Students learn English without realising they are studying it. For every game, students are graded with one, two or three stars, which reflect the children’s individual performance. Students can play each game as many times as they wish in order to achieve the best possible result.

Blended learning

Today, children’s excitement about technological gadgets is greater than ever! As educators here in Cyprus, we ought to give technology the place it deserves in education, that is as a tool for research and learning, and not merely as a means of passing the time aimlessly. Contrary to the popular belief that anything fun or entertaining distracts students and belongs outside the classroom, we know that technological tools benefit the process of learning, since they give students the opportunity to learn without realising it.

The Picaro approach, which includes both books and digital games, smoothly incorporates technology into the world of printed publications. This way, learning becomes fun and – most importantly – productive.

What are the advantages of Picaro?

*Learning is not restricted inside the classroom. Children can download all the online games at home and practise their English as much as they wish. This way, students begin to cultivate the personality of an autonomous learner, who does not expect guidance from teachers or parents.

*Children are motivated to revise at home, since the Picaro games have excellent graphics. This approach is extremely important as it accommodates the needs of children with different learning styles (e.g. children who learn best with audio-visual aids).

*Parents and teachers can keep track of the children’s individual performance at any time through the Picaro Learning Management System.

*Students familiarise themselves with modern technology while starting to realise that it can be used as a means of reaching a goal (e.g. to learn a language).